Congratulatory Message for the 63rd Independence Day of India from Yoshiro Mori, Chairman of the Japan-India Association           August 15th, 2010
I feel very privileged to convey the warmest congratulations, on the occasion of the 63rd Independence Day of India, to the people and government of India on behalf of all the members of the Japan-India Association and on my behalf as its Chairman.
It is my great pleasure to note that the past year has witnessed an accelerated development of Japan-India relationship in all aspects. I would like to stress that our cordial relationships have been reinforced in the true spirit of “The Strategic Global Partnership between Japan and India.”
I am gratified to mention that, pushed by the stable and efficient government and an ever vibrant economy, the India’s presence and her importance, in international politics and economy, have increased tremendously under the far-sighted leadership of Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India
In spite of the change of Prime Minister in Japan, from Mr. Yukio Hatoyama to Mr. Naoto Kan, we continue to enjoy our already excellent relations..
I am happy to note on the bilateral relations that two big projects between our two countries, namely the construction of the Delhi-Mumbai Dedicated Freight Corridor and the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor, have entered the stage of implementation and that other Japanese ODA projects in India, including urban Metro-system construction projects in Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata in addition to Delhi, are all on the right truck. It is noted also that the increase of Japanese direct investment to India resulted, in 2009, in the presence of around 630 Japanese companies all over India.
I witnessed all these positive developments when I visited Japanese factories and Japanese business communities in Chennai and Delhi in early March this year.
It is expected also under the leaderships of Prime Ministers Mr. Naoto Kan and Dr. Manmohan Singh, the protracted negotiations for the conclusion of Japan-India Economic Partnership Agreement will be crowned with successful conclusion by the time of the visit of Dr. Manmohan Singh sometime later this year.
Since June this year, long-waited negotiations have finally started to conclude a bilateral agreement for cooperation on civil nuclear energy. The contribution of Japanese proven technology and equipment in this sector will be great and bring very positive results both in India’s economic growth and fight against global warming.
The number of Indian IT engineers and other business people who visit and stay in Japan have been increasing. They reside and constitute Indian communities in Japan in such places as Nishikasai in Eastern Tokyo in addition to Yokohama and Kobe. Indian restaurants are mushrooming in major cities in Japan.
It is also my pleasure to note that cooperation between Japan and India in the fields of science and technology is gaining further momentum. Cultural exchanges between the two countries are expanding and deepening. For instance, “Namaste India”, a big-scale cultural and popular event organized in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo, is expecting this year much more than 150,000 visitors which had enjoyed the event towards the end of September last year. The promised project to launch a new IIT in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, is on-going with the assistance of Japan International Cooperation Agency and Japanese universities.
Our two countries, on the multilateral front, are destined to cooperate jointly to contribute to the global community for the solution of such global problems as nuclear disarmament, the non-proliferation of mass-destruction weapons, the prevention of climate change, the reform of the United Nation Security Council.
The Japan-India Association, with the history of 107 years since its establishment, renews its determination to make the utmost efforts for further betterment of our very important relationship.
On this auspicious occasion, let me pray that the excellent Japan-India relationship bring more happiness to our two peoples and that the two nations contribute to the peace and prosperity of the international community at large.



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