Second episode of Hirabayashi's video-interview on "the Last Superpower India"

Posted June 14, 2021

Following the Episode 1 of my interview with Ms. Nupur Tewari, eminent organizer of interview in India and world-wide, on “the Superpower India”, I will hereby make available for you the Episode 2.

The access is made through the following URL.

The Episode 1 was distributed to 10,000 or so viewers around the globe and, in addition, to the governments and related organizations of Japan and India. A number of members of Japan-India Association transferred it through their own channels, which I highly appreciate.

The Episode 2 starts with the summary of the message of the Episode 1.

Then, it deals with a series of agenda to be addressed by India, the government and leaders alike.

Firstly, social reform, in particular improvement of Caste practice and alleviation of poverty.

Secondly, educational reform, in particular in the area of basic education.

Thirdly, economic reform, including regulatory reform and privatization. I stressed the importance of political efforts in those states left behind investors. I have shared experience of the beneficial privatization of former Japan National Railway (privatized and divided into six Japan Railway Companies) and not so good example of a still archaic French national railway company SNCF.

The Episode 3 will reach me in a week and be displayed on this web-site.

Hiroshi Hirabayashi

Representative Director and President, Japan-India Association