Nmaste India 2023 will be held September 23rd and 24th!

Posted July 10, 2023 Updated July 31, 2023

28th Namaste India 2023 Stall Application
We are pleased to inform that Namaste India 2023 will be held at Yoyogi Park Event Area, same as 2019 expecting about 200,000 visitors.

Stalls will be composed of 6 categories. They are Restaurants, Beverage (B), Services(E: Esthetic, Healing, Yoga etc.), Tourism & Corporate Advertisement (T), Venders (V). The Working Committee will do the best to share happiness and great success of Namaste India event with all the participants among government concerns, enterprises, stall holders, stage performers as well as all the visitors.

As entry application for stall is limited within 12 days only 7 July through 18 July, 2023,we would like those who are interested in participation of stalls to place Entry Application for Stall in earlier date. The application is taken through web site only. Should you have any questions, please contact by e-mail:

Please be advised that Namaste India is an event exclusively featuring culture of India. Other countries’ culture and like will be out of scope in performance and stalls, except for cultural introduction performed at the stage admitted by the Working Committee.

Prior to lodging application, you are kindly requested to read and agree with the Memorandum of Rules and Compliance which are part of Rental Agreement on Tent Facility. In case of not following the rules, that is subject to rejection of application.

Second recruitment Entry application deadline: 28 July,2023