Why Odisha? Odisha has something for everyone.

Posted May 23, 2020

Why Odisha? 
Odisha has something for everyone.

Kunna Dash, apart from heavy, prefers to invite micro , small  & medium Japanese manufacturing companies to invest in Odisha for the alleviation of poverty & unemployment while negotiating a win-win proposition for both of them. Government should soon decide a policy & declare incentives that help structuring native companies and at the same time  attracting the inflow of Japanese  enterprises. 

Along with our relentless fight against Corona virus, it is high time to think about the economy & commerce of our country. Businessmen , production houses & the governments all over the world planning how to revive GDP without any further declining of it. Many countries including Japan are discussing about the possibilities of investing in India. 

Why Odisha? 
Odisha has something for everyone.

With my long untiring effort I frequently invite my Japanese friends to have a glimpse of my home state Odisha lying same side on the south-west of Japan along the Bay of Bengal. We used to discuss, one day it would be the ‘gate-way of commerce‘ for the south-east Asian nations. I would like to invite more micro & small manufacturing units of Japan having high-tech productivity to suit best to meet the volume as well as the variety of the state’s indigenous demand. Apart from vast Indian subcontinent we could easily export our produces to multiple countries through land, sea & air. Many countries world over are reviewing their policies on how to attract FDI to have grip over their respective GDPs ; so also India, a vast country having immense potentials. Some states in the country have started highlighting their pros & the time has come closure to prove us as well earmarking government aegis , so as to make us stand indigenous while attracting Japanese companies.

Born in Puri, Odisha, myself Kunna Dash has spent more than 30 years of my life in Kansai region , western Japan. Time & again I made them visit Odisha, India several times too. From my experience I’ve learnt how they prefer to stay in Odisha. It suits them fine for several reasons.

Japan is an island country in the Pacific and Odisha’s 480 kilometres long coastline across the Bay of Bengal on its east has made them feel as if they’re in Japan, at least half of Odisha resembles so touching the sea. Most of the Japanese are Buddhists and they’re much attracted towards age-old Buddhist shrines, monuments, pagodas, monasteries etc spread all over Odisha. They are much inspired by Jagannath cult for Lord Buddha has been considered as the tenth incarnation of Lord Jagannath as well as by the panoramic view of of the golden beach at Puri & Konark, the world heritage site. The Rath-Yatra (Chariot Festival) in Puri has much resemblance with that of the Gion Matsuri (festival) in Kyoto , the former capital of Japan : the elderly people tell how the Matsuri is connected to Rath-Yatra of Puri, those are alive. They love to eat fish & rice which is the staple food of the people of Odisha. They too like them for the shy, sober & humble nature of the Odia people.

I would like to welcome Japanese investors to Odisha for its vast natural resources with rich raw material deposits. The state has abundant water resource and energy sources. The advantage of vast human resource with maximum youth concentration over it shall surely make the state more appreciable. Its adequate infrastructure including road, rail , air & water shall help them transporting their products & goods. The ports like Paradip, Dhamra  and some others on the process are proven boost to our transport logistics including International Biju Patnaik Airport in the state capital. The government is stable & competent and has assured its hundred percent cooperation for the Foreign Direct Investment.  Besides all these the state has time & again proved its competency in managing natural calamities & disasters. Geographically the state is better located having moderate climatic conditions.

Apart from all these , the state has adequate infra to cope with Japanese lifestyle and habitat including education. Long since we have been observing Japanese festival in Odisha & Odishan festival in Japan as a goodwill gesture. I also have put my little lot to cope with it like , I’ve a CBSE school in the name Chandra Sekhar Academy in Puri , Odisha where Japanese language & culture has been taught as an elective subject from LKG to +2 ( Senior Secondary level) and the investors shall feel free to send their children here. I’m also having a Japanese language school & IT training centre where NIELIT  ‘A’ level  &  ‘O’ level courses are taught to supplement the demand for skilled manpower. Last but not the least, we can have food, culture & stay as per Japanese habitat that suits them best. We also prepare manpower according to the demand of the workplaces that suit  Japanese investors . More precisely , apart from skill, they could be up to their expectation in culture , habitat & language too. Sincerely I appeal my Japanese friends to invest in Odisha, my birth place and also for the welcome of more than 5 lac workers’  return to Odisha after lockdown including existing unemployed youths which would be a great endeavour to engage them in these Japanese companies. More so, remaining with families in their motherland they can happily contribute their lot for its growth & development. At this moment, instead of alone, let’s have our bondings strengthened. 
Together we can !

Kunna Dash,
President, India-Japan Friendship Center, Japan.