First episode of Hirabayashi's video-interview on "the Last Superpower India"

Posted June 7, 2021

I have the honor to inform hereby the first episode of my video-interview with a very talented Indian lady, Ms. Nupur Tewari, on “the Last Superpower India” in commemoration of the publication of the English version of the same book in Japanese.

I have found that my English there is typical “Japanese English”, and yet (or because of it) my presentation is easy to understand and well structured.

It is my hope that this interview will accelerate understanding of India, which I believe has an immense potential to become the fourth superpower after US, China and Russia in due course of time.

The first episode of YouTube version is accessible through the following URL.

The second and third episode will follow with the interval of one week each. They will be sent to you accordingly.

Best regards,
Hiroshi Hirabayashi,
Representative Director and president, Japan-India Association