The Shimonaka Memorial Foundation, the Scholarship for Supporting Indian Students in Japan

Posted May 17, 2018

The Masayasu Ueno Memorial Program was established to help Indianstudents in Japan to appreciate many cultural, community, scientific and technological, and nature-related aspects and customs of Japan.
Examples of such activities would include (but are not limited to) the following:
travelling to the countryside to interact with local people; watching indigenous wild birds; visiting museums, temples, shrines or traditional Japanese gardens; enjoying Kabuki or Noh performances; visiting research institutes; and taking tea ceremony lessons. Other activities aimed at deepening studentsʼ understanding of Japan based on their interests are also welcome.

The sum offered:
Expenses for each activity will be supported by the Foundation up to a maximum of 150,000 Yen.

Who is eligible?
Applicants must be Indian nationals studying at Japanese universities or colleges (they can be undergraduates or postgraduates), who possess a good understanding of the Japanese language. It is required that they should be enrolled at Japanese universities or colleges until at least the end of March 2019. Previous recipients of funding from this program are also eligible to apply. 

How to apply:
Both the application and the proposal forms can be downloaded from the homepage of the Foundation (URL: or can, upon request, be sent by post.
Each form should include the following:
(1) Application Form
A budget plan: on the application form there is a box for the budget plan for the activity to be inserted. Anticipated expenses should be itemized and listed. The total budget should be less than 150,000 Yen.
(2) Proposal Form
A proposal of the activities: the details of the intended activity should be written either ① in English, totaling approximately 1000 words, and with a Japanese abstract of 300 ~ 500 letters , or ② in Japanese, totaling approximately 2000 letters.
(3) A certificate of student status issued by the institution of higher education to which the students is affiliated (photocopies of the certificate will not be accepted; please obtain the official certificate in
advance so as to meet the deadline).
The application form with items (1) and (2) above should be sent by e-mail to the Foundation before 17:00 on June 20th, 2018; the Certificate of Student Status (3) should be sent by post to reach the Foundation no later than June 20th.